Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Leg Explosion

Wow. That is all I can say. I have to write this quick to share this moment. Taking the last three days off (6, 4, and 9 miles) preemptively has dramatically changed my perception of my shape (my legs). They are bursting with strength. I feel like I am walking around on solid oak tree trunks. It blows me away how strong, pain-free and just plain solid they feel. Of course, it would be easy to jump on them and hit some 20+ mile days the rest of the week, but I am going to stick to my guns and keep it around 8 miles (max.) a day, this week. Let these things recover. It feels so good to feel good (physically). I haven't felt this good since, well, I can't remember. July 2007 probably... the last real break from training that I have had. It will be nice to hold onto this for the rest of the week. Yeehaw. My mind is clearing a bit too. Things are still a bit muddy upstairs and clouded in my heart, but so it goes. Keep on moving.

One more thing. I am on my 5th pair of shoes this year. Really, my 4th out of necessity. The last pair I purchased turned out to be extra-wides and were causing some soreness in my ankles from all the freedom of movement. That shopping error taught me the importance of always checking the box of shoes thoroughly and try them on always. Not all 10s are created equal. Of course, this is obvious, but after buying so many shoes of the same brand, you get lazy and settle for the grab-and-go. Anyways, the wide Asics ended up making great walking shoes. All is not lost.


Cindy said...

Someday a runner will invent a recycle machine that will take our old shoes and transform them into brand new.

Deane Christianson said...

Glad to hear your legs are in better shape! That's indeed good news!