Friday, April 24, 2009


Coming to the end of a season here. Feeling good about that. It feels right. This may be my last 100+ mile week for awhile. The good thing is, it won't be on account of injury or lack of will, but choice. After this week I will be tapering for a 30k trail race May 9th. A taper really isn't necessary with the mileage I have been running, but it will be a good time for me to tweak some things and see what it is like to run on truly fresh legs. Anyways, I am feeling rock solid. This entire week I have run exactly what I planned to, if not more (both distance and intensity). Last night, I ran a super fluid 11 miler after work. I flew, when I could (Giffen road was a mess - pretty sloppy and muddy from the snow and rain that feel all day), and held my pace steady for the duration. 17 miles yesterday. My shoes were caked with mud and my tights and back splattered with crusty loam after the run.

Lately, the prospect of 2 runs a day has become a stressor, not a major one, but enough to disrupt some of my other daily activities. Perfect timing, what with the taper and all, to cut back to 1 a days, with an occasional 2 a day training. 1 a day will be the rule, 2, the exception.

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