Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sub-6 hour 50 Mile

After a couple of days of easy treadmill pace work, I have confirmed what I was only half-confident about, that I was in the sort of shape to give a sub-6 hour 50 mile a go. Yesterday, I put in a really easy 9.25 miler or something like that @ about 6:40 pace. 6:40 felt pretty easy, while 7:00, the pace I will need to do the sub-6, felt very easy and comfortable, like I could do it for 50 miles. So here is what I am thinking. Since there are no 50 milers anywhere in the vicinity of Great Falls anytime soon and my shape is coming to fruition, I will create my own 50 miler. I am going to scout out the region in the next couple of weeks for a super flat course, elicit the aide of my friend Don and have a go at a sub-6 50 mile run.

7:10 pace would give me a 5:59 50 miler
7:00 pace would give me a 5:50 50 miler

Because this will be an attempt at a 50 mile PR, I will go out conservatively at 7:10 pace for the first 30 or so, before making the decision to pick it up to 7:00 pace or faster.

I know I could have run 6:15 in the Le Grizz with some support - stutter steps at the aid stations sucked up several minutes - and that was a decently hilly course. This is all very preliminary, I will keep you updated with what develops.

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Anonymous said...

I like the new blog look. Also, would like to know how the running club is gett'n along.