Friday, April 17, 2009

Torn Tights and Road Runners

I tore my tights yesterday. About 5 miles into my run yesterday, nature called... fortunately, I was near what I have come to call "Nature is a Giant Toilet Gulch", my coulee bathroom stop. While stepping over the barbed wire fence to access the gulch, my tights caught a barb, and "rip!" went my spandex. It isn't a large tear, more of a snag really. But it was still a bit discouraging - my number one tights being torn. Anyways, I made it to the bathroom in time and then went for another 4 miles or so, enjoying the beautiful evening in the country.

It is official, 12 of the Miner Road Runners are signed up for the Ice Breaker 3 mile race. Ages 8-13, they are a driven bunch, who I can't imagine having any trouble finishing in some fashion or form. I will be walking/running with Joe. We have been together since the beginning and I can't think of anywhere else I would rather be in this run than at his side. He has gotten up to running 50-100 feet at a time and has a finishing sort of heart. We will walk the majority of the course. Marshall, the oldest and most fit of the group, has a great chance of finishing in the top 5 for his age group. In training, he ran a 21 minute 3 miler. 7 minute pace, not bad at all for a 6th grader. He has come along ways. Several of the kids in the club will be running with their mild/moderate asthma. Over the last several months they have learned how to better control their breathing during moderate to intense exercise. Results to come.

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Deane Christianson said...

You are a great example of being there for each of the kids you have in running club! They are fortunate to have you for a role model!!! We will be cheering them all on in our hearts....especially Joe :)!!!!!
Have a great are such a great encourager for those kids!!!! I love you!