Thursday, April 16, 2009

Running Club Update

H.L. Hammerfish was good to request an update on "The Miner Roadrunners" running club; my group of 15, 3rd-6th graders who train together twice a week.

Training has been going pretty well. Unfortunately, the weather has gotten the best of us on many of our running days. But so it goes. Yesterday, I secured the cafeteria for us to run in, since the snow was flying outside. It went well. We jogged laps for the first 5 minutes, then played red-light/green-light, then moved to a triangle running drill w/push-ups, sit-ups, toe-touches and bicycles. The kids, as usual, made the best of it.
We are running a 3 mile race together in about a week and a half. 10 of the kids, so far, are signed up and set to go. The kids are very excited. The race? The Great Fall's Ice Breaker. This is The Miner Roadrunners for race and will be a new and, hopefully wonderful, experience for all of them. I am always rehashing the importance of finishing with them and how running is all about doing the best that you can do at the given time. Maybe your best that day will be enough to win, maybe it won't. Doing your best and finishing is what matters.
Anyways, the kids are running! Here are some pictures...

Kade running during rainbow tag.

Robert, striking a pose at the beginning of a 2 mile pace run.

Marshall, evading the tagger.

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