Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mid-week Update

Pretty solid week thus far - significantly better than last. I am feeling 85% of awesome (totally awesome being 100%). The week so far:

SU: 19 (12+7, easy)
M: 12, tempo
T: 19 (10+9, easy)
W: 20 (12+8, easy)

The changes I talked about last week - strength exercises for my knees and increased calorie intake - are paying off. The best way to say it... I feel much more solid. Rock hard. Sturdy. Whatever. For awhile there, my whole body was feeling gumbyesque and weak. Not the good sort of gumby feeling - limber and spry -, but the melting, knees trembling, and shaky sort of gumby feeling.

Running club went well yesterday. Most of the kids put in nearly 2 miles (in snow and wind, no less). Very proud of those guys. Around 15 kids in the club now, 3rd through 6th grade. Rock solid crew.


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