Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Stats

Being the first day of April, it is a good time to do a March recap. Turned out to be a pretty good running month. Firstly, 19 easy miles yesterday. Here it is:

Total Mileage: 516
Weekly Average: 129
Biggest Week: 135
Daily Average: 17
No. of Long Runs: 5
No. of Runs 12 or longer: 17

I was reviewing some older logs as I did my month tally last night and was curious to see what my highest mileage month was to date. I was astonished to count 684 miles in September 2008. About 23 miles a day. Nuts. It is hard for me to imagine that right now. I had some serious gusto back then. Wow. Anyways, I am very content with 120-130 a week right now. 150-200 a week is hard for me to fathom at present. It was difficult with a full-time job to squeeze in that many miles. It requires a total commitment of every waking hour of the day (job+running). Anyways, I am thankful to have been able to run so many miles last month and am on the downhill as I come to my first race! Yeah. God bless.


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